We assume widespread responsibility

Long-lasting economic success is the basis for any company that takes responsibility for long-term investment decisions and jobs.
As a municipal energy company, however, our responsibility extends way beyond this. Our aim is to ensure long-term supply security, safeguard the energy business of our shareholders and support the core business of our customers through the demand-oriented provision of heat and process energy.

In so doing, we are recognising our position in society. We need to respect ethics, strike a balance between economy and ecology in our operations and not be blind to social hardship.

You can find out what we think about citizens' participation, for example, and which institutes we support below.

Environment and nature

Natural gas helps to protect the environment. By substituting coal and oil with natural gas, CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced in a cost-effective manner. For example, the CO2 emissions resulting from the combustion of lignite are around 86% higher than those produced by the combustion of natural gas. The corresponding figure for light heating oil is still around 32% (measured in kg CO2/kWh). In addition, the combustion of natural gas produces virtually no fine dust.

Natural gas is the partner for renewable energies within Germany's new energy policy. It offsets the volatilities resulting from the generation of solar and wind power due to the fact that it can be stored. Natural gas is on hand if the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining.

Natural gas exploration and drinking water protection

Bayerngas GmbH takes part in gas exploration activities in Germany. The extraction of gas in Germany makes sense for reasons relating to environmental policy: Production directly at the sales market guarantees short routes to the consumer and requires virtually no energy for transportation.

The protection of the environment and of drinking water is, of course, top priority in gas extraction. Since the 1960s, thousands of bore holes have already been drilled in Germany, whereby the drilling methods are the same tried and tested methods used in well construction.

In line with this, for environmental protection reasons, Bayerngas GmbH does not participate in shale gas projects which use the well-known fracking method from the USA.

Information policy and citizen participation

We provide citizens with information about what is happening in their region as a matter of course. We proactively and continually inform them about our plans and projects in a transparent manner. We anticipate questions in advance.

During our natural gas exploration project in the region of Reudnitz (Brandenburg), for example, we held numerous information events for the local residents before starting our operating activities.

In parallel, together with the Lord Mayor of Beeskow, we implemented an Advisory Body for Public Interest Parties, opened an information office and created a regional homepage. We provide an insight into our operations through a number of tours. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

People suffering social hardship

We have supported the BISS – Bürger in sozialen Schwierigkeiten [Citizens facing social difficulties] campaign in Munich for a number of years now. We support BISS because the magazine-based project helps people facing social difficulties to help themselves. This non-profit organisation is run by individuals with heart and foresight. Learn more at www.biss-ev.de .

Connecting work and family life

Connecting work and family life is becoming increasingly important in the modern working world. We do not want to lose well-trained, dedicated employees. We therefore offer a working time model that links the two worlds.

Compliant behaviour

We comply with existing laws – that goes without saying. But to avoid any grey areas, we have also developed an extensive Code of Conduct. This is because we do not follow the basic principle that everything is permitted which is not forbidden. This is not our understanding of collaboration and cooperation.

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